About Painted Pout

What is Painted Pout?
Painted Pout is a blog by me, Andrea Tayag. This blog will mostly be about beauty and fashion but don’t be surprised if you see posts about food trips, current events or rants about my academics. I will also be posting about my journey in entering the fashion industry.

Why create Painted Pout?
I wanted to create a blog wherein most people can relate to. Like most students, I live on a daily allowance and I try to save money in order to buy the clothes or products that I want. Although I have a great mom who gives in to some of my wants, I still have to be careful in spending money. The products that I would be reviewing would mostly be affordable and fit to a college student’s budget. And just like most college students I am still at the stage wherein I am so far yet so close to what I want to be, I hope that my daily musings as a student would ease your frustrations and make you feel that you are not alone.

What does Painted Pout mean?
Painted- Symbolizes color. Color is an important part of fashion and make-up. Colors could make or break an outfit. The wrong color of lipstick matched with the wrong eye shadow could mean a bad-face day for you.
Pout- Symbolizes two things. First is the infamous part of my face which is my lips. Most of my friends say that I have permanently pouty lips. So yeaaaah.  Let’s make use of what we got right? J Second is my sometimes pouty attitude, don’t get me wrong, I just tend to rant more than your average jane.
Painted Pout- both words combined means the colorful rants and raves that come from me. I may rant a lot but I am also easy to please, hence the slogan ‘Rants and Raves from a Pouty Girl’.

Who is Andrea Tayag?
Marketing student from UST. An only child. Fashion lover. Adventurous in trying new beauty products. Appreciates food in all its forms and kinds. Aspiring brand manager, CEO and Editor-in-Chief. Currently has a love-hate relationship with writing. Clumsy as hell. Has lips that are larger than life. Has a personality and voice that makes up for her height. Has 4 furry siblings- Tikoy, Tausi, Truffles and Pipa. 

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