Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Service Encounter: The Browbar

Here's a new section/category for my blog! Introducing 'Service Encounter'! This section is named after a monthly project in our Services course. We were supposed to rate and comment on two service establishments that we visited and write/type it on something creative. I made DVD covers for this project. Easy but awesome. Haha. So for the first Service Encounter for Painted Pout I decided to feature: The Browbar

Photo from: The Browbar's Facebook page

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I decided to have my underarms waxed before walking the runway for Grandiosa since I guessed that I was going to wear a strapless gown. Good thing I did! My gown was strapless and it would have been a major turn off if anyone saw my unwaxed pits. I don't really have gorilla-like pits and I even have less hair than other gals out there but still, I wanted to have smooth underarms for the event. I didn't want to shave or pluck since that causes dark underarms and chicken skin so I rushed to SM San Lazaro a few hours before the show. I knew that there was a Lay Bare in SM San Lazaro and I was right. Unfortunately, they could not accommodate me since my period was scheduled to arrive that day. They said that the skin was more sensitive and waxing could cause skin darkening. I understood their policy but I was really desperate so I looked around for more waxing bars. I saw the pretty sign of The Browbar and I decided to come in and inquire if they also had underarm waxing services. They did! I asked them if it was okay even if I was scheduled for my period that day and they said it was 'okay' as long as I didn't have it at that exact moment. The friendly staff showed me the waxing room. The waxing room was neat and they had a towel provided for me. Ate Marivic was the one who waxed my arms that day and she was so nice! She explained that their wax was special because it was all-natural. It was made from sugar, water and lemon. She said that the wax helped lighten underarms because of the lemon. The waxing session was almost painless, with just a bit of stinging sensations from the tugging. The whole session was done after a few minutes. My underarms were really smoother and lighter after the waxing session. Overall, I was happy with my 'The Browbar' experience. I plan to make my 'The Browbar' visit a monthly habit. I also want to try their other services such as the Brow Rehab, but I'm still talking myself into trying out brow threading.:)

Waxing room stuff

The Browbar's special wax (Sugaring)

The Brow Bar's interior

Ate Marivic of The Browbar

The Browbar Menu

Visit The Browbar at the Lower Ground-floor of SM San Lazaro (09233784325). They also have branches at SM Mall of Asia and Robinson's Magnolia. 

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