Saturday, March 09, 2013

Look What I Got in the Mail Today!

I got a text from LBC the other day saying that they were trying to deliver a package from Avon to our house but there was no one home to receive it; so I just called the delivery guy and told him that I'll just pick up the package from the nearest LBC outlet. I got the package this morning before heading to school. So, are you wondering what Avon sent me?

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I got a VIP 28-Day Trial Pack of the new Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector! I actually got this for my mom so she's going to be the one road-testing the product. I saw this on The Beauty Junkee and there was a link on how to apply for a free trial pack. So I filled out the form and hoped for the best. Voila! They even shouldered the shipping. I guess it was really meant to be a surprise. Haha. :)

It says on the box that deep wrinkles begin to fade in just 7 days! 100% of women also showed improvement in fine wrinkles in just 2 weeks! Great huh? My mom said she wanted to buy this because the product looks promising and if she really sees good results after the 28-day trial kit then she will definitely purchase a bottle. I will be posting weekly updates on this product based on the opinions of my mom, who will be the one testing it.


Thank you Avon Philippines! I know this product will show great results. :) 

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