Sunday, March 10, 2013

My 'The Beauty Junkee X Shiseido Makeup Workshop' Experience

Home at last! How are you guys? I hope you're enjoying your Sunday specially those who have final exams in the next few weeks. Today was a great day for me! Why, you ask? Because Martha Sta. Barbara a.k.a. The Beauty Junkee, had her make-up workshop today! It was held in the Greenbelt 5 branch of Shiseido. I came in a bit late but the the workshop had just started then. The make-up of the day was blue eyeshadow. Haha. It was great that Martha thought us how to choose the right eyeshadow for our skin tone and how to apply it. If I got it right, light blue shadows are for people with cool skin tones while navy blue shadows are more suitable for those with warm skin tones (like me!). Here are a few tips that I learned from the workshop:

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  • To apply liquid foundation, dab the foundation on your face then you can spread using a slanting motion to achieve a slimming effect or spread it sideways to achieve a smoother finish.
  • When applying foundation on your nose, use an outward spreading motion.
  • After applying foundation, dab a sponge on your face to even out the surface and absorb the excess foundation. Remember, just dab! 
  • Set your foundation with a translucent powder. Just lightly apply the powder and don't apply too much pressure cause you can remove the existing foundation.
  • Use an eye primer before applying eyeshadow to improve pigmentation and make it last longer.
  • If you don't have an eyeprimer, you can substitute a cream shadow. Just use your fingers to apply the cream shadow
  • Choose a blender brush that has a tapered end and is dome shaped. The blender brush is a good brush to invest in since it's an all-around brush.
  • Round faced girls could sport arched brows to add angles/edges to their faces while girls with angled face shapes such as diamond could sport softer edged brows to balance the face.
  • Use rounded/regular blush brushes when contouring to make it look more natural. Angled brushes tend to make the lines too defined, making the contours too obvious.
  • Martha recommends the use of brow powders more than pencils.
  • Set the brow powders using brow gel or even dried out clear mascaras. 
  • 'Bounce' your brush to apply your blush. 
Aside from learning a lot I also met some new friends and fellow bloggers (although they have been blogging longer than I have). It was so fun to meet people who share the same interests and bond over two common things, make-up and blogging! Shiseido PH also gave us some goody bags filled with some Shiseido products! We were even given 15% discount on all products; sadly, I wasn't able to purchase anything. I was eyeing their foundation stick with SPF 35 and the powder foundation that Martha was raving about. I think me and my mom would just visit and purchase in their Trinoma branch. Sayang lang talaga yung discount! :) 

Here are a few photos of the event: 
My outfit for the day! Top from The Ramp Crossings, Pants from Dei bought from Fun & Fab Finds,  Bag from Therapy Bags, Blue jean Kitten Heels (below) bought from Bloggers United 3
Accessories for the day: Ring from York Accessories, Vintage Gold Watch from Sandoz, Bracelets were given as gifts. Earrings (below) from Estrellas Manila

Martha posing with her model of the day! Great job! :) 
Kate of, Martha of , Me and  Jen Jimenez (Shiseido's Brand Manager) 
Me and Gen-zel of


Freebies from Shiseido! Will be testing and reviewing them except for the one below, which my mom will be the one road testing. :)

Thank you Martha and Shiseido Philippines! I hope the Beauty Junkee will hold more workshops like this! I loved the event so much! :) 


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