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A Busy 3|3|13: Part 1- PJMA Photoshoot

Hello everyone! This is my much delayed post on the PJMA shoot last Sunday. I apologize if I wasn't able  to post it immediately. I have been so busy and tired the last few days. Anyway, I wrote this on the night of the shoot but I wasn't able to post it til today (that explains the intro. Haha.)

How was your Sunday? I hope you had time to relax and spend time with your family. I, on the other hand had a busy but fun day. A few days ago, a few classmates who are PJMA (Philippine Junior Marketing Association) trainees invited Ria Cajanding and I to help them style and do their make-up for a photoshoot of the top 20 finalists for PJMA Trainees. Since Ria wasn't going home to Batangas for the weekend then we agreed to help them for the shoot. The day before the shoot, I slept as soon as I got home at around 4pm since I woke up early that day. I woke up at around 9 then I wasn't able to sleep until 4am! 1 freaking hour before I had to wake up. Great job brain, great job. I overslept a little but I was able to meet up with Ria and get to the shoot on time (SUCCESS!). The shoot didn't start right away so we were able to chat with one another. Ria was the one who did the make-up of some of the members while the others did their own make-up. By the way, I don't really know how to put on make-up, like eyeshadow and stuff. I only know how the basics for everyday make-up. I know, I'm a disgrace to the female race. Haha. Moving on,  since most of the PJMA trainees already prepared their own outfits, we mostly helped them in matching the more appropriate accessories for their outfits and making sure that their clothes fit them right and looked picture perfect. Once the photographer arrived, the shoot went by like a breeze. It was pack-up time by 2pm. We had a few photo ops in between make-up and styling sessions. I must say, the pool area of Sea Residences is breathtaking! I may be exaggerating but just a little bit. Living there must be like being in a vacation everyday. Not sure though if it's 'nakakasawa'. But it's pretty cool for me.

Click Read More for BTS photos of the shoot!

Here are a few BTS photos from the PJMA Photoshoot:

My OOTD for the PJMA shoot. I chose this outfit so it would be easier for me to commute and also move around. Good decision for me since we had to walk around to look for the location.
(Oversized top from Fun&Fab Finds, Black leggings from the tiangge, Neon and gold spiked shoes from Rage Republic, Sunnies (gift of Ria) from Charlie, Vintage watch from Sandoz, Neon green mustache earrings. :)

Ria doubling as a make-up artist. Haha.

Say hello to out shoes! Haha. Green is the color of the day. :)
(Right: Jaq's, Left: Mine)

Goodies from York! :) 

Make-up stuff

Ria doing Janine Cham's make-up Hello Betch and Beb! 
Janine Cham of True Fidelity, Me with ze pouty lips, Jaq Tan of York, Ria Cajanding of Ria.lity

Jaq and Janine's sexy backs. Hahaha. :)

Pretty Jaq and Haggard Me. :/ 

Stolen? :)
Sorry if the photos are just a little. I can't really post photos of the actual shoot yet. Let's just wait for the official release! I'm also so proud that I've got three friends in the Top 20 (Jaq, Janine & Faye)! Congrats girls and also to all the finalists! Good luck!

Stay tuned for the Part 2 of A Busy 3|3|13. Here's a clue on what it's about: DOUBLE MARKDOWN SALE! :) 

(Some photos are from Jaq's and Janine's phone)

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