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3|16|13 Part 1- Shu Uemura's The Art of Beauty Workshop

Hello loves! I'm back! Final exams are finally over and it's officially summer vacay! I'm still nervous as hell though. I'm nervous about my grade on a particular subject and the professor is infamous for being merciless (NO particular subject/professor was mentioned!). Anywaaaay, let's talk about something lighter. Last Saturday (March 16), I was able to attend ShuLifestyle: The Art of Beauty Workshop in Trinoma. The workshop in Trinoma was by Claire Diokno, Shu Uemura's Associate Make-up Artist.

It rained really hard that day and I actually thought I was going to miss the event, good thing the rain stopped but my mom and I just took a cab cause she doesn't like driving during bad weather. I got to the place just in time. Before the workshop started, we were asked to introduce ourselves and say what our typical beauty/makeup routine was. I said that my typical routine involved putting on products laden with SPF like BB cream and lip balm. Claire said that that was good since the sun is harsher nowadays than before. SPF 30-50 is the recommended for everyday use. 

Click on READ MORE for Claire's beauty tips!

Claire shared with us a couple of do's and don'ts in beauty and skincare:

  • Do use a light hand when applying concealer- The skin absorbs the make-up more thus making the blemish less visible. 
  • Don't overpowder
  • Don't squeeze your eyelash curler too much; Don't curl you eyelashes when they're wet or when they have mascara- The lashes are just like the hair on our head. They're brittle when wet. 
  • Do smile a bit when putting on blush- Makes the blush look more natural.
  • Don't lick your lips- Our saliva has some enzymes that help us digest food. Imagine what that can do to your lips, right?  Use good ol' lipbalm or petroleum jelly to moisturize your pout. 
  • Do drink lots of water- Makes you feel and look better.
  • Do keep a light hand when doing your brows- A heavy hand would make your brows look fake.
  • Do keep your brushes clean- Germs and skin eating bacteria can develop on your brushes if you don't clean them regularly. Store them properly too! You can get those cool brush guards online. 
and the best Do's of all: 

  • DO be happy with what you have!  
  • DO learn your strengths and enhance them (ex: if you have great eyes, then learn how to do eye make-up to make them stand out)!
  • DO be brave! Try new things and just practice them. 
Shu Uemura Trinoma (3rd level)
Shu Uemura's Stage Performer Cream
- instantly makes skin look perfect
 Shu Uemura's POREraser Primer (top), swatch of the POREraser (bottom)

Claire Diokno with her pretty model of the day

 Three lipstick shades that are hot for this season:
Sangria- this was also the shade that Claire was wearing
and I couldn't stop looking at her lipcolor! :) 
Beige/Bronze- Almost nude lip color best worn with
a bit of lipgloss in the middle of your lip
Pink Grapefruit- Mixture of a bright orange and bright pink
 lipstick but more on the pink side (sorry if the lipcolor isn't too visible)  
Yummy Shu Uemura Red Velvets!

Shu Uemura Goodies

Saveh ng mirror shot. 
Falsies! Looks like a bunch of sleeping boxes. :)
The very famous cleansing oils that every beauty blogger
is raving about! Andamiii. My dream bathroom closet would  look like this. Hahaha. 
If your interested in any of the lipstick shades/ products used, just visit their Trinoma branch I know that they will know the exact shades used during the workshop. Sorry I wasn't able to write down the shades. My hands are too slow. :) 

Thank you Shu Uemura and Claire Diokno for this wonderful workshop! Check out Shu's FB page cause I know they have more workshops coming up. 
For more info: Like Shu Uemura's FB page and follow them on Twitter @shuuemuraPH 

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