Thursday, February 28, 2013

Premenstrual Acne- The Blues before Red Letter Days

Hello guys! How did your day go? Well I had a great day today; classes were relaxed and I hung out with my two great friends. Despite that, I still have to deal with one inevitable part of a gal's life-Premenstrual Acne. I knooooow. TMI! But hey? It's something that 70% of women worldwide experience. We have to talk about it eventually. 

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 I was having 'good-skin days' for the past week then when I woke up this morning, I noticed a new zit on my forehead! I checked my calendar and no surprise that my 'red-letter day' is right around the corner (less than 1 week from now). Today, I will share with you my face-saver tips during my premenstrual acne (PA) days. 
SOS topical solution, Eskinol Spot-less White, Snoe Whitening
Detox Clay Mask

  • I cleanse, tone and moisturize 2 times a day.- this is not only for PA days but also for regular days. I only exceed two if my face feels really really dirty but I try to stick to only two times a day because too much scrubbing can irritate the skin and worsen the acne. Remember that too much of a good thing can be bad. I use a mild cleanser (think:Celeteque) and a toner which is alcohol based. I know that alcohol based toners can be a bit harsh but they're the only kinds of toners that make me feel dirt-free. I avoid oily moisturizers that can add to the existing oil to my face. 
  • I apply SOS (Save our Skin) Clindamycin Phosphate 1% solution on my zits- I used to apply it all over my face but since my face has cleared up, I just use it on my zits now. This topical solution is so effective for my zits and they become 'ripe' just a few hours after application. My zits flatten faster when I use this and the post-acne marks are not so obvious. This topical solution also has Vitamin E to help lessen post acne marks. (Will post a more detailed review on this soon!)
  • I apply a face mask on my zits at night- Currently, I'm using Snoe White Vitamin C-rich Calamansi Whitening Detox Mask. I actually sleep with this mask on and when I wake up, my zits are smaller. I guess it's because of the 'Calamansi' which according to the package is 'A natural astringent that can eliminate blackheads and can dry up pimples'. Sleeping with the mask on hasn't caused any irritations on me but if you're planning to do the same then I suggest you do a skin test first on the inner part of your arm. (Will also post a more detailed review on this!)
  • I drink lots of water- As we all know, water can help flush out toxins from our bod. This also keeps us hydrated. I'm actually guilty of not drinking enough water but I'm trying to change that before it's too late. 
We all know the saying that prevention is better than cure. Some say that keeping stress levels down and taking oral contraceptives can prevent PA but you should consult a doctor before taking anything. I agree with being stress free though, who doesn't want a reason to relax diba? :P
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