Thursday, February 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Jacquelyn Tan!

February 28 is the day when the one-woman-team behind York Accessories celebrates her birthday! We haven't really known each other for so long but I feel that even after we graduate, we'll still keep in touch. I don't have a gift for Jaq yet but here's a photo of what she said she wanted as a surprise. HAHAHA.
Photo from:
This is what she said when I asked her what she wanted eh. 'Cake na may zombie'. Anyway, I wish you a Happy Happy Birthday Jaq! I hope you'll achieve more success in the future and more creative ideas for York. Haha. I love you! (You know that right? Hahaha. I always randomly say that to you in class.)
Visit York Accessories' FB page and greet Jaq a happy birthday, while your at it, check out her great and unique accessories! :) 
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  1. Im from UST too! lets follow each other on twitter. :)

    1. Hi Ella! Thanks for dropping by! Will follow you on Twitter and check out your blog! :)


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