Saturday, March 23, 2013

3|16|13 Part 2- Landmark Beauty Haul & The Solstice Bazaar

Here's the second part of my 3|16|13. I don't always have busy days buy when I do, they are so darn eventful. Haha. Moving on, if you read the Part 1 of my 3|16|13, you know that I was at the Shu Uemura workshop at Trinoma. After the workshop, I met up with my mom and I grabbed a cup of milk tea at Chatime Landmark (located near the Landmark Supermarket and Mrs. Fields). I got the Honeydew Milk Tea with Pudding. I think it was worth P120? Not 100% sure though. It was yummy! The pudding went well with the honeydew flavored milk tea. The ice watered down the drink a bit though so I suggest you order one with less ice. We went to Landmark after and we bought a couple of items from the beauty section. My mom bought Celeteque moisturizers to use together with the Avon Anew Clinical ProLine Corrector. One had sunblock for day use. I bought a powder/blush brush from Artist Studio, Snoe Magic Apple and Soap No.3 (Special Kojic with Glutathione). Oh and we were even given a sample from Celeteque! Will be reviewing these products soon! (Hello backlogs! Haha.)

Cutieeeee. Haha. :)
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3|16|13 Part 1- Shu Uemura's The Art of Beauty Workshop

Hello loves! I'm back! Final exams are finally over and it's officially summer vacay! I'm still nervous as hell though. I'm nervous about my grade on a particular subject and the professor is infamous for being merciless (NO particular subject/professor was mentioned!). Anywaaaay, let's talk about something lighter. Last Saturday (March 16), I was able to attend ShuLifestyle: The Art of Beauty Workshop in Trinoma. The workshop in Trinoma was by Claire Diokno, Shu Uemura's Associate Make-up Artist.

It rained really hard that day and I actually thought I was going to miss the event, good thing the rain stopped but my mom and I just took a cab cause she doesn't like driving during bad weather. I got to the place just in time. Before the workshop started, we were asked to introduce ourselves and say what our typical beauty/makeup routine was. I said that my typical routine involved putting on products laden with SPF like BB cream and lip balm. Claire said that that was good since the sun is harsher nowadays than before. SPF 30-50 is the recommended for everyday use. 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sorry for Being MIA

I'm so sorry that I have been missing in action for the past week. It was our finals week and it has been hell! Final exams are over but we still have a bunch of requirements to comply with so I am still going to be busy for the coming days. Please pray for me and my other classmates that we pass all our subjects with flying colors! Holy week is coming up guys so don't forget to reflect and repent. Anyway, I am off to study for one last test that I wasn't able to take. Wish me luck! 

Here are a few posts to look forward to:
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  • The Summer Solstice Bazaar with Applebees' Accessories
  • Our Kitchen Foodscapades
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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Schools Out, Are You Ready for Recess?

Are you guys searching for a great party to end the school year? If yes, then this post is for you! 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

My 'The Beauty Junkee X Shiseido Makeup Workshop' Experience

Home at last! How are you guys? I hope you're enjoying your Sunday specially those who have final exams in the next few weeks. Today was a great day for me! Why, you ask? Because Martha Sta. Barbara a.k.a. The Beauty Junkee, had her make-up workshop today! It was held in the Greenbelt 5 branch of Shiseido. I came in a bit late but the the workshop had just started then. The make-up of the day was blue eyeshadow. Haha. It was great that Martha thought us how to choose the right eyeshadow for our skin tone and how to apply it. If I got it right, light blue shadows are for people with cool skin tones while navy blue shadows are more suitable for those with warm skin tones (like me!). Here are a few tips that I learned from the workshop:

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Look What I Got in the Mail Today!

I got a text from LBC the other day saying that they were trying to deliver a package from Avon to our house but there was no one home to receive it; so I just called the delivery guy and told him that I'll just pick up the package from the nearest LBC outlet. I got the package this morning before heading to school. So, are you wondering what Avon sent me?

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Friday, March 08, 2013

I'm Going to be Part of The Beauty Junkee X Shiseido Makeup Workshop!

Hi guys! Just got home from Athomic Congress 2013 and during a lull in the seminar awhile ago, I decided to check my mail. Guess what? I was chosen to be part of the 12 lucky gals to join The Beauty Junkee X Shiseido Makeup Workshop! I'm so psyched! I really didn't expect to win this contest and I want to thank God and my lucky stars for this win. I'm so excited but at the same time nervous meet and bond with my favorite beauty blogger, Martha Sta. Barbara. The Beauty Junkee is actually one of my blog inspirations. I know that I'll be learning a lot from this workshop and I'll definitely share with you guys the new things that I'll learn there. Eeeeeee! SO EGGZITED. Hahaha. Thank you to The Beauty Junkee and Shisiedo Philippines! :)

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